Savannah Community Information

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and sits on the Savannah River, approximately 20 miles from the river's mouth to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the third largest city by population in Georgia next to Atlanta and Columbus. A bustling industrial center and seaport, Savannah has retained much of the aura of its gracious past while expanding rapidly with various new real estate developments.

The city offers its residents a wide variety of recreation, from fishing and golf to sporting events and beaches. History buffs revel in the cobblestone paths, restored forts and house museums of old Savannah. Shoppers plow or pirouette through various shops and malls, riverfront boutiques and antique stores in the city's Historic District or along Savannah's Southside that offers more than 20 shopping centers, including the huge Oglethorpe and Savannah malls.